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4 Paws volunteers don’t just love cats, they put their love of cats into action.

Over 100 volunteers belong to the 4 Paws community that work every day to help homeless cats and kittens and end needless feline euthanasia.

4 Paws volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and contribute their time, skills, and talents in areas as varied as socializing cats one-on-one to raising awareness at outreach events. They are adolescents, senior citizens, and all ages in between. They make new friends, learn new skills, and are an essential component to 4 Paws ability to save lives.

Volunteer Requirements

  • 8 hour per month commitment for at least 6 months (some volunteer positions require a regular, consistent schedule; others do not)

  • Must be at least 16 years old to volunteer; volunteers under 16 must volunteer alongside a parent during every shift

  • Must be able to commit to scheduled volunteer times

  • Must be able to squat, bend, twist, lift and stand for long periods of time when working directly with the cats in our care

  • Must be able to work well with people – all volunteer positions may work directly with the public, staff, and other volunteers

  • Must be able to handle cats safely and compassionately

  • Must be able to take and seek direction and have a self-motivated work ethic

  • Must be able to work independently

If you wish to volunteer to fulfill court-ordered community service; please see the mandated service info below for details.

Volunteer opportunities

If you care about cats and people, we’d love to have you join 4 Paws as a volunteer! You can get involved in lots of different ways—get details about some of our popular volunteer positions below.

Caregiver: Work directly with cats by providing cleaning, food, water, love, and attention. Caregiver positions are available at the 4 Paws shelter, Intake/Adoption center or at our offsite locations.

Event Ambassador: Promote 4 Paws and responsible cat ownership at public outreach events such as community fairs, adoption events, open houses, etc.

Foster care: Provide a temporary home for a cat and/or kittens as part of 4 Paws foster program.

Group Volunteering: 4 Paws welcomes group volunteers, typically for one-time projects such as weeding, painting, cleaning, and event support. The minimum age requirement for group volunteers is 16 years old. Groups of volunteers between 12 and 16 people are encouraged to help 4 Paws by hosting a food or supply drive, a fundraising event, or distributing 4 Paws information. For information about group volunteering, please contact 4 Paws at (623) 876-8778 or (623) 773-2246 or info@4pawsrescue.org

Kitten Foster Program

Each year, 50+ foster families give nearly 400 cats and kittens a safe, caring temporary home. In foster, there’s socialization for young kittens, space for mother cats to raise their young, and time for sick or injured cats to heal. Without these foster homes, many of these cats and kittens would not survive. Foster homes also free up space within the shelter, which means more lives are saved!

Specific goals of the Foster Program include:

  • Providing a safe, nurturing environment for mother cats to raise their kittens

  • Allowing sick or injured cats/kittens to heal in a relaxing environment

  • Giving long-term feline residents time away from the shelter in a home setting

  • Correcting behavioral issues

Foster home requirements:

  1. A warm, dry, safe place in a separate room, in the home, away from other animals

  2. The ability to keep accurate records of weights, etc. if required

  3. Commitment through the duration of the foster process: 10 days to 3 months for kittens (depending on the age of the kittens at the time of foster)

  4. Spend a minimum two hours per day with foster kittens (and mama if she’s with them), for socialization and basic care

  5. Ability to travel occasionally to and from either the Peoria or Youngtown shelters (depending on which location the foster kittens came from)

  6. Foster families with children are welcome, but parents must assume responsibility for the foster cat/kittens

Mandated community service

If you wish to volunteer at 4 Paws to fulfill court mandated community service, you may do so as long is is is not mandated through Maricopa County. We no longer accept community service volunteers from Maricopa County Municipal Court. Please contact us via email at info@4pawsrescue.org and tell us the following:

--number of hours needed

--when service needs to be completed

--days and times you are available

Court mandated community service volunteers may or may not have contact with shelter animals or the public. Community service volunteers may assist with:

  • Laundry (washing, folding, sorting)

  • Washing dishes

  • Washing/disinfecting animal crates and litter boxes

  • Cleaning/disinfecting animal kennels

  • Sweeping, mopping, and other janitorial duties

  • Special projects as assigned

Please note that 4 Paws does not accept those convicted of the following crimes. All other charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Animal neglect/abuse

  • Crimes of a sexual nature

  • Drug charges

  • Theft

  • Violent crimes

  • Weapons charges

Sun Cities 4 Paws has many permanent shelter residents. We have a ‘Sponsor a Shelter Resident’ program to help offset costs. Read more here or donate here and choose Sponsor a Shelter Cat from the drop down menu.

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